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Our service guarantees a perfect fit or we'll re-make it for free!

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Yes. Digital and analog cases.

Yes, based on volume.

We carry Dentsply Trubyte Bioform shades 51,52,54,59,62,65,66,67,77,81,87,92,93,94,95.Shades not listed here are special order, which may need more time, and additional fees may apply. (We can cross reference Vita shades for your convenience)

Clear, White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Gold, Turquoise, Bordeaux & Green

They are 2.5mm in thickness.

The invisible retainers are made from ACE material and are available in 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm thickness. The standard default thickness is 1mm.

The sequential aligners are made from Essix Plus material and are 1mm thick.

Vivid Aligners are made from Zendura Flex material at .030″ thickness.

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Yes, there is a minimal charge.

Yes, we seat and provide bands.

Yes. We can accept any 3D intraoral scan in stl file format, which all scanners have the capability to do. Visit our 3-D printing page for more information.

Yes. Charges are based on how you send the cases to us. 1 patient sent is $14.00. 2 patients sent are $7.00 each. 3 patients sent are $4.50 each. 4 or more patients sent are $2.00 each.

No. For your convenience we provide prepaid mailing labels. We return your appliances via U.P.S.

Yes, there is an extra charge of $30 for rush cases of 3 days or less. Please call in advance. (Dr. is responsible for any requested overnight shipping fees)

2 weeks or less from the day you send the case.

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