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We are now offering the Magic Touch Customer Portal where you can track your cases.
You can visit the link below to sign up.  

Once you click on “Sign Up”, you will need your Customer ID found on any invoice on the top right hand corner.

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Leaf Expander Activation
“How is it Made? The Hawley Retainer!”

Hawley Labial Bow Adjustments

Frozen Screw Help

Modified Spring Aligner Adjustments

Fabrication of 3-3 Hawley Bow

Fabrication of Ball Clasp

Fabrication of Adams Clasp

Finger Spring Activation

We offer Client Lunch & Learns for all of our accounts, including institutional accounts.  Topics range from wire bending, soldering, 3D digital workflow, Aligner Therapy, TAD assisted Expansion, 3D printed bands and more.

With institutional accounts we help residents with basic Rx completion and appliance design education. We offer training in appliance fabrication (labial bow and clasping fabrication as well as soldering and acrylic work).

Our offered instruction for experienced hands-on wire adjustments (labial bow & clasping) is invaluable.

Please call the lab to set up an appointment for your choice of topic. (973) 527-7844